Sclc and Cdiff: Perl scripts for ClearCase

Last updated, 17-April-2003 (sclc version 1.23; cdiff version 1.0.12)

The sclc and cdiff scripts that are ancient Perl4 code I wrote and still use. I have since converted them to use some basic Perl5 stuff (like lexically scoped local variables and more static typechecking), but they dont really take advantage of some of the nicer capababilities (like references and nested data structures) that could really improve the design and implementation. If you ever get the desire to fully convert these to Perl5 - please drop me a line.

The cdiff script produces a cleardiff with surrounding lines of context. The sclc script counts lines of code (and comments, and non-comment source lines, and assembly-equivalent source lines) for several programming languages. When installed in the same directory as cdiff, the sclc script can also count changed lines of code. For the documentation on how to use cdiff and sclc, Please refer the POD documentation in each script.

Required Prerequisites

Porting and Installation

Brad Appleton -- <>

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